New book: The Art of the Chief Executive

‘The Art of the Chief Executive’ is for anyone interested in the art, practice and daily rollercoaster of leading an organisation. It answers the questions ‘What is the job?’ and ‘Is it for me?’ and charts the chronology of a chief executive appointment, from applying, to delivering, to moving on.

Based on the experience of a four-time Chief Executive it is practical, detailed, honest, and reflective. The book offers new insights for existing chief executives, those who might be one and anyone working with a leader. Students of management will value lived-in experience of all the main management dilemmas.

‘I can’t recommend this book more highly as a manual for any chief executive, whether they are would-be, just started out, or regard themselves as highly experienced.  It is a fascinating mixture of the very practical – how to write a CV, run a meeting or create a new performance management system – and the very philosophical.  In the end, this is as much a book about leading a Good Life as it is about being a great chief executive, and full of insights on both’.

      Helen Ghosh, Director General, the National Trust


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